Blood clot on the lung

Hi has anyone else had a blood clot on the lung pregnant I am home now with blood thinner injections til I give birth
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I had one 8 weeks pregnant and they kept me in for a week. I’m now 33 weeks and have been doing injections twice a day in my stomach and will have to continue up to 6 weeks postpartum too

Sorry to hear that did u have the scans I refused because radiation. So straight on blood thinners I had covid just before and had jabs think that’s what’s caused it xx

I had a suspected PE and I had an xray of my lung, there is radiation involved but it’s very very minimal. I didn’t have one but had four clots in my leg so I was put on twice daily injections from 28 weeks

I had both x ray and CT scan. There was also another scan called VQ I think but that one posed more risk to baby in childhood. They informed me of the risks for both scans and I opted for CT but the only way to know for definite if it was a clot was to do it so I went ahead and turned out I had it. This isn’t my first time having a PE either, I had one 6 years ago which they put down to the contraceptive I was on at the time

So scary but I don’t want the scans so just taking the blood the blood thinners very breathless with it x

It’s very scary but easily treatable and they’ll keep a close eye on you but it’s understandable why you don’t want the scan. You’re on blood thinners which is safer than not being on it x

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