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I’m so fortunate to be pregnant but… my nips are so sore and sensitive (I’m currently breast feeding and not enjoying it anymore). I am already out of breath at 5, nearly 6 weeks 😂 I can’t eat a whole meal bcos my stomach gets too full and then I feel SO SO SO bloated and I feel like none of my clothes fit me anymore. Ok, ranting done. Your turn :) ahaha
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I’m breastfeeding too. I’ve never had any issues for 15 months and in the last week I’ve got a milk bleb and it’s so uncomfortable. I could cry every time I feed her 😭

Oh no 💔 you poor thing. Hope it gets better for you. I have a 19 month old and honestly, the last week I just keep praying he won’t ask for ‘boobs’ 😭 or stay on them for long. The pain is something else. I remember with my first pregnancy, my nipples were sensitive esp with the bras i was wearing, this time round with a toddler, teeth, weird/ annoying bfeeding positions and I could cry in such discomfort lol.

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