Starting a business as a SAHM

Has anyone started a business as a SAHM, with your cricut or doing something else? What’s your business and how did you start?
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I started an at home bakery. I always wanted to own a cafe/bakery so I figured while Being home 90% of the time was a good time to start. Its been slow and a learning process but I’ve started to find my niche and which products I don and don't want to offer

That’s great!

I had a little Etsy shop with my cricut a couple years ago and when it started to gain traction, my mental health took a nose dive. I have since moved out of my place and had to downsize but I’ve been planning to start up again. it’s not something you will achieve success at for a while and that’s okay. You need to start out with the mentality it’s your hobby first and business in the making. Find your niche because some things are a very over saturated market and you need to find a way to stand out more :)

Thank you! Also I’ve just been using my cricut for friends and family right now still learning but started a facebook page for family and friends. Plus I am going to be doing a local craft show in September

I do actually, with my bestie who is also a sahm. We started it years ago, before I was a mom but she was. We make skin care.

That’s great! My best friend actually just got pregnant and is due in a couple months, she’s going to be selling things with me at a craft fair we’re doing in September.

I’m really thinking of creating a brand of clothes for long babies. Imagine not being able to buy the cute newborn clothes because your baby has long legs… or if you up a size or two it can fit on legs but be really baggy

I started digital marketing! The industry is totally taking off, it’s pretty wild. I’m not a huge social media person so it’s been alittle bit of a challenge. I started in December, got burnt out in like a month. Pivoted my stategy and started again! I’m finally starting to see traction! What’s a Cricut?

Following because same!!!

@Maria that’s great! Also a cricut is a machine where you can make/ create different personalized items you put different vinyl in it and can make shirts, cups, car decals, signs, little logos to go on keychains, bags

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