Sore neck

Find it really difficult to clean my LO neck folds as she absolutely hates it. Noticed it looks really sore today. Wasn’t like this yesterday seems to have come overnight any advice on what can be put on it?
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I had this, used nappy cream bepanthen and it cleared it up within a couple of days. I figured it’s the same principle, damp and moist from spilt milk and yes, hard to clean! I have to leave it and come back when she’s a bit more relaxed I.e clean first then come back with the cream after a while.

If Bepanthen doesn't clear it up see pharmacist/GP as it could be fungal which will need a different cream.

Mine had this I put metanium on it and it was gone a few hours later! It’s magic stuff! I had an eczema flare up on my arm popped it on there and it cleared that up too! I swear by the stuff now! Xx

If that is oozing, I'd get baby in to see a medical professional ASAP as it could be infected, and that can make baby ill. Besides that, I totally hear you. We also really struggle to clean there. Baby girl screams every time 🙈

My GP advised sudocrem as it’s an antiseptic or fucidin cream if it appears infected at all x

I top and tail every morning and then dry with another cotton pad to make sure no moisture is left to prevent it from happening. Since I've been doing that haven't had it any more.

My little ones neck gets like this occasionally - especially now that she's slabbering/teething. She just clamps down when I try to get under to clean it as well so it's a wee battle almost everytime. I use a wee bit of sudocrem after her bath and the next day it doesn't look anywhere near as red or sore x

My midwife told me to make sure I clean the area and make sure it was dry even after feeds since they tend to dribble. Done this and it cleared up couple days later.

Thanks everyone! Tried a few suggestions and it started clearing up within a few hours!

Ive used childs farm moisturiser and baby powder in creases so it doesnt get more sore when rubbing against skin, it really has helped us for skin fold sores.

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