Chronic constipation

Why is my boy pooing once a week!!!??? Is anyone else in this boat? His diet isn’t too bad, lots of fruit, porridge every day. Fluid intake could be better though. Gah I’m stressing :(
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Hi, it could be withholding poo instead of constipated do you think? My little boy has had issues with this since he was 1, and for along time we thought he was constipated but actually turned out he was holding in the poo. We've always struggled with fluid intake, but he eats a pretty good diet. He has prescribed laxatives now to help him go, hope issue sorts itself out soon as it can be really stressful x

I had the same issue with my doughter since she was 8 months old. I tried everything that i could find info on without any luck. After her second birthday it started to get better as her fluid intake is better now. We have been prescribed Laxido for 3 months and probiotic that helped as well

Thanks! @Ellie what laxative regime do you guys do? @Elena any probiotics recommendation?

Yep! Apparently it's very common. My LG is on cosmocol and lactolose. She's been on it for coming up to 6 months.

My daughter is on laxido we cut it down to one every two days but sometimes she goes day even with a varied diet! Trying to explain that constipation is a huge issue and not pooing can do long term damage psychologically. As they can very quickly become afraid and have anxiety over it at this age. Definitely speak to your GP she was concerned at daughter not going once in 3days. Definitely once a week must be so hard to pass. Your poor boy 😢 and absolutely this is not on you constipation is a condition it is nothing you are doing wrong sometimes they just need a wee help x

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