Sharp cramps

Hi everyone, I’m 5 weeks pregnant and today have been getting intermittent sharp cramps right at the bottom of my abdomen. They come and go but are pretty uncomfortable. Has anyone else experienced this? X
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I’m too having this same thing at the minute and I’m 5w6d. I had a very early scan yesterday and they have said that all is fine and things are where they are should be so hoping that it’s ok. I saw on another post that if the pains are continuous for 30 minutes or more to seek medical help. Hope this helps x

I’m 5 weeks to and are experiencing the same. It hurts like hell.

I’ve also experienced this x

@Hayley so sorry you’re having the same, but also relieved it’s not just me!! Hoping it’s all fine, just caught me off guard. They’ve been coming and going for the last couple of hours but aren’t consistent. I’ll keep an eye on it and see how I go, but praying it’s okay 😭🙏🏼 x

Keep us all updated on how you are, after getting the all clear yesterday I imagine you’ll be fine 🤍 sending love to everyone

I had those early on too!! My Dr said it was just the uterus gearing up to expand. I’m now almost 18 weeks with a healthy pregnancy

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