Someone else feeling like BLW isn't for you guys? I'm too anxious, and my baby choked once with egg. I seriously feel like my soul leaves my body every time I try BLW with her. I'm in a mom group, and they all tell me to calm down, that my baby needs practice (I do BLW but with quite soft foods), that it's time, well, a thousand opinions. Am I wrong? Should I give my baby more things? (I give her three meals a day). Should I swallow my anxiety? Honestly, today I feel like a mom failure.
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BLW was not for us either. We did purées until about 7 months. At 7 months we introduced puffs and that got him to learn pincer grasp and chewing we slowly introduced more foods from there . How old is your babe?

@Dana she’s almost 9 months

So I do BLW and I have a lot of anxiety about a lot of things and when it came to the BLW I had pretty bad anxiety for the first two months and would dig the food out at any sign of him potentially choking. It wasn’t until I just let him work through it that I noticed he was getting better at it. That being said, I don’t think you should force yourself if you’re super uncomfortable and maybe just start from the beginning with purées. Do what works for you guys. What also helped me was having a life vac in the house too. But I still get nervous!

We started with soft fruits and avocado in a mesh feeder. To get him used to thicker textures . I think little transitions helped him but also helped us be more comfortable. Puffs and teething wafers that they can’t really choke on because the chew them or they dissolve on their own is where he mainly started

I’m terrified tbh. My little girl choked on pain relief (liquid) a few days ago 🙈 I’ve booked onto a first aid course hoping that’ll help my confidence 🤞🤞

I don’t do it with my daughter, for the same reasons. I started on fruit purees and then built up to the 7 months, now I’m on the 10+/12 months .. when I home make I make similar textures. I let her have puffs as they dissolve She’s actually a great chewer and I find finger food great. But also my mum said there was no BLW weening when she had 4 kids, and when they are ready they will just be nicking food from your plate, grabbing what they can and eating when they are hungry.. my mum stuck to mashed foods until around 1! Don’t stress if your baby is getting all the nutritions they need then what’s the problem. They will learn and everyone is different, every mum and every baby! Egg is also a common allergy so this may be why your LO showed signs of choking? Just to keep in mind

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