Hi! So I’m 21+1 and I still haven’t really experienced any ‘cravings’ for specific foods, I’m just hungry most of the time 😂 is this something that starts later in pregnancy or does it vary?
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I think it varies tbf, definitely had the aversions 🤢 but my lil nugget is loving the blueberry bubble tea from costa 🤣🤣 kicks me after every sip🩷

Im 21 +3 and i havent had any cravings either but ive deffo had the aversions 🤣🤣

I’m currently 21 weeks and I’ve really struggled with food aversions. However from about 10-16 weeks I was craving alot of pickled foods or salt and vinegar flavoured things. I think it’s very much different for everyone as I’ve not had any cravings for about 5 weeks x

I wouldn’t say I’ve had any strong cravings. I will swing towards sweeter days and more savoury days. The aversions are much stronger. Haven’t been able to touch chicken since early pregnancy, and even thinking about it makes me heave.

I didn't really get any cravings at all in my first pregnancy and haven't so far this time either! But like you, just get very very hungry 😂

I’m 20 weeks and I haven’t had many cravings but I will eat anything in sight. I’m just constantly hungry xxx

I’ve not had any cravings at all!! Just food aversions

Am 22 weeks and haven’t had any cravings

Cravings are believed to be caused by hormonal changes or deficiencies - equally by not having a balanced diet in the first place so wouldn’t worry if you don’t have any cravings, as our baby grows, we up the need for calories which is why we are more hungry

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