Tired of hearing “but they won’t remember “

Well I WILL! People have asked me what I’ve got my son for his birthday in 3 weeks and I’ve been told “it’s too much he won’t know or remember” well I will! I know he won’t know or remember but you only get ONE 1st birthday, not just that it’s my first year of being a mom. Been asked what I’m doing for his birthday and told “why are you bothering?” Because again, memories for me, memories for his dad, him when he’s older too. I may have gone overboard on presents and I know he’ll get lots from family and friends but I’m glad! He’s going to be spoilt and honestly a lot of the presents he gets can be put away for another time like a later date and played with another time. I’m not here to make anyone feel bad at all! Just kind of tired of being told “he won’t know” well I bloody will and I’ll remember and I want it to be as special as I can make it.
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Go all out. I did for my first and I always look at the photos his face was priceless and the memories are amazing. He also looks at all his birthday photos with me now. Doing same for this baby x

They won’t remember but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it at the time. By that logic, let’s stop playing with our kids, stop taking them to the park, stop all things that bring us and them joy “because they won’t remember”. It’s such BS. You enjoy every minute of your child’s first birthday, we’ve bloody earned it.

for real! I agree with you 100% i’ve gone all out for my sons 1st birthday and had people say the same to me but i’ll always remember the effort put in whether he does or not and i’d rather know that i did all i could sort of thing. just take loads of photos and then he can see them when he’s older xx

I agree although I am not going to go overboard with presents. I am trying to stick to just a couple really nice quality bits that'll last. But I'm gonna do a dress up party with a big home made smash cake just for her, and play lots of music and do games.

@Carys “their childhood is my motherhood” 🥹 that’s beautiful thank you for sharing!

@Fay isn’t it! 🥰🥹🩷

@Lena I 100% am going all out! Xx

@Phaedra I’ve got him some nice quality bits that’ll last too and also some other bits and bobs and clothes as that’ll help me out too 😂and we’re doing something similar. That sounds great hope she enjoys it! Xx

@Jord🩷 exactly my plan xx

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