Does anyone put their baby down awake??

I’m trying to follow the experts to get my baby sleeping through the night sooner rather then later he’s 2 months and I am lucky if he goes down awake without me holding him I obviously sit there and pat him to help him go to sleep but that only works if he is super super tired or it’s like nope not gonna happen does anyone do this and is it actually beneficial?
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following 😭 bc same

Yes we put him down awake. My son is 2 & he has been sleep trained since he was 6 months old. It’s important they learn to fall asleep on their own because they know how to soothe themselves if they happen to wake up in the middle of the night. Also, I personally feel like my son has became a lot better with being independent and knowing like he is safe in his crib and knowing we will be back to get him in morning. It takes time and consistency though! You’re babes is still so little and that’s awesome you are trying to get it down so early! It’ll be very beneficial for you in the long run!

My girl is almost 2 months and it has happened a few times where I just put her in her cot for a moment so I could go and make a drink or do something real quick and when I come back she is asleep 😂 but when I’ve actually tried putting her to sleep like that for the night it never works!

I use to let my kids cry themselves to sleep

I have a NICU baby so I can say it’s helped a lot with her falling asleep on her own but there is times that she just wants to be rocked and I will do that I don’t believe in letting your baby cry it out I feel like that’s hurts them more in the long run because they feel Like no one is coming to get them

Oh girl he’s only 2 months- it’s totally normal for him to rather sleep with you. Are you doing a schedule, or following his sleepy cues? Babies that young sleep randomly so sleepy cues are better to follow- like red eyebrows, yawning, rubbing eyes. Do you have a “sleep time” routine? Like: white noise, sleep sack, read book, milk, put to bed? Babies that learn their sleep routine help gently guide them to sleep, they need help to sleep :) Baby will “sleep through the night” when they are developmentally ready. At this age, a 5 hour sleep is considered sleeping through the night. Their tummies are tiny and they get hungry. It does get better!

I feel like every expert with a tip or trick is just saying what they believe. Biologically infant sleep can’t be controlled, but it’s such a huge market for first time parents

Routine can play a big part but I agree with above, infant sleep cannot be controlled. They’re just babies. My daughter didn’t start sleeping through the night until she turned 3

he has his own schedule so when it’s around his time to have his long sleep & he’s fed + changed aswell as in a good mood i do! like last night he was chillin n then i put his paci in when i heard him whining and passed out 🤣

I definitely don’t recommend you listen to anyone who says let them cry themselves to sleep. I usually rock my son in the dark with his noise machine on until he is looking sleepy but still awake. Then I’ll put him down and either pat his butt/back until he starts dozing off or just gently put my hand on his stomach and shhh him to sleep. I noticed if he falls asleep while I’m holding him he wakes up a lot quicker and cries. It took me about 2 weeks of doing this consistently to get him to really get a hang of it! If he woke up and was fussing I’d go back and pat him. I wouldn’t pick him up I would try to soothe him while in his bassinet still if possible

Personally I don’t think sleep training works that well before 6 months. I think a baby that young can’t really control / change sleep patterns. They also should have night feeds when they’re very young. The NHS recommends them sleeping in the same room as you (to avoid SIDS) too at that age. They regulate their breathing by yours, etc… we did the putting them to bed ‘awake, but sleepy’ quite a bit later. I think when he was 1. At that point it worked quite well.

It works for me SOMETIMES. My daughter is almost 2 months, sometimes at night or for a nap, I put her down when she is already drowsy and she goes to sleep after about 5-10 minutes

@Sandra at what age?

My baby just turned one and still needs holding too sleep! X

@Claire I have a routine for bedtime and nap time I follow his cues for both I don’t have a schedule for when he takes naps etc but yeah he loves to sleep on his mommy

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@Ciera like yeah it worked for me this morning but for this nap he was not for it he wanted to be held it honestly depends lol

@Brooke this is what I’ve been trying to do and sometimes it does work and other he starts crying when I put him down

@Marrissa I’m probably going to sleep train him when he is 6 months

4-6 months I checked when they woke up crying. And now at 4 and 3 years of ages they go to bed at 730 on their own

@kaya I think 6 months is a perfect time to start sleep training in my opinion

@kaya I’d say just enjoy the snuggles honestly- they’ll grow up and not want as much cuddles very soon! What has sometimes worked for me has been nursing baby, wait for her to fall asleep in my arms, then I gently put her in bassinet on her side (helps her not startle). Then slowly rest her on her back. I would never recommend leaving baby to cry themselves to sleep as this can affect their attachment. We want securely attached humans, who know their mamas or dadas will be there for them. Babies don’t cry just because. They need comfort and love just like adults. If my husband was crying I wouldn’t leave him to figure it out. I’d try and comfort him. Babies have emotional needs too 🩷

Honestly, I didn’t start putting my baby down “drowsy but awake” until she was around 9 months. Little ones can’t regulate their nervous systems so they need ours to help them feel safe and protected. However, I genuinely believe that mommas should do what works best for them and their family. If contact naps are the only thing that works then contact nap all the way. If you need the space, baby goes in the crib awake. Do the research and then listen to your mom intuition. Do what feels right to you. Try and ignore all the others influences and the “you should or shouldn’t be doing this” types of info

i do this! i put him down drowsy with his pacifier and he soothes himself to sleep within 10 minutes. if he fusses to much ill go in and pat him to sleep. but otherwise i don’t. he’s 3.5 months

When my son was younger I would nurse him to sleep. When I stopped nursing I started off by rocking him to sleep and now I can leave him in his crib and he'll fall asleep on his own (he's 1 yr 8 months) I hated letting him cry it out it killed but I've been told it's okay to do as long as you're nearby and checking on them

My oldest had to be put down awake. He has always been a light sleeper and if I put him down asleep he would wake up and we would have to start all over again. My second I put down awake because that's what I was used to doing with my oldest, but he is a much deeper sleeper and can actually be put down asleep.

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