The bloat

Just under 7 weeks and the bloat. 🫢
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Yep I gave up today when my mum said my normal trousers were just cutting me on half and looked stupid. So now in maternity stuff, just ridiculous as so early x. Are these bumps your first or second?

@Stacey this is my Second x

@Stacey it’s my first!! But I have always struggled with bloating so not hugely surprising I suppose 😂 x

What's your due dates ladies? We just got embrace this and not shy from hiding something so beautiful ❤️

@Stacey 6th Jan x

@Emily no way mines 7th Jan

@Stacey I'm so nervous waiting to hear about an appointment!

We have an early scan booked for a week sat. Let me know how you get on with getting an appointment.

@Stacey I’ve got an early scan next Saturday too!! How many weeks will you be by that point? X

@Naomi no way!!! I will be 7 weeks 3 I think. Last time I had one at 7 weeks 1. You?

@Stacey the waiting is torture!! I’ll be bang on 7 weeks so hopefully will be enough to get a bit of reassurance 🤞🏼

Not long to go 😁

@Naomi how did yesterday go with the scan?

@Stacey oh hi!! 👋🏼 I actually got backdated - thought I was bang on 7 weeks but turned out I was more like 5w6d (ovulated late). We did see a tiny little blob and a flicking heartbeat though 🥹 they booked me in for a free rescan next week in the hopes that baby will be a bit bigger! How was yours? Xx

Ah glad is all ok though 😃 yes ours was good we actually got measured ahead by 5 days, we thought 7 days 2 and they measured at 8 weeks x

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