Fever - flying tomorrow

Hi all 👋 So tomorrow we suppose to fly abroad but my 19 month old develop high temperature yesterday evening 39° I give him calpol through the night, didn't help much From morning I call gp pharmacy 111 with no help from them . Temperature is still high around 38° . My question is if he gets better this night and temperature goes down to normal and tomorrow morning he wakes up without Can I travel? Of course I will not travel with sick child is impossible but if he wakes up tomorrow like nothing happened? I can't get answer for that question from doctors so I ask you mums did any of you was in similar situation. Is not an holiday more like visit close person is very ill and that may be last chance to see each other. What should I do? I can't go different time I don't have time off from work. Please help 🙏
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Honestly I would still fly... I hope he feels better but like you said you can't go any other time x

I have been advised that give both calpol and Neurofen for high temp like that, it’s was the only way my daughter’s temp went down last week! As long obvs you keep to the 4hrs gap for calpol and 6hrs for Neurofen. I also used a cold flannel which helped bring it down. My lg ended up with antibiotics for a chest infection which helped straight away. Good luck I hope he gets better soon! To answer your question I think I would go if my lo woke up better and had a good night.

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