Not interested in milk

Our 6 month old has had one feed overall today. She is just not interested in milk at the moment! We have been giving her tastes of food but she hasn't had anything today, I always make sure this is after a feed. Has anyone else had the same? Wondering if teething is something to do with it!
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My little one hasn't drank much at all today either. She's really not herself, but I can't put my finger on what it is, so thought it could be teeth too xx

Could be teething or the start of a cold or something like that. If it was me I would try some calpol and see if they will eat. Might not work but worth a go xx

@Michelle Yeah she has been unwell and has been having Calpol but she is much better today than she has been. Probably teeth! X

My baby has been like this for a few days and I’m starting to get worried! He usually has 5 8oz bottles by this time and the last few days he’s struggled to even get down 3, he is also vomiting so much more than usual! A tooth has cut through so wondering if that’s why but it’s been there atleast a week. Curveball after curveball!

Same here, shes been trying half or a third of her bottles for about a day and a half Im demented! Had teething gel and calpol too but just not interested in her milk

My boy is the same. He’s 6 months tomorrow and has 2 bottom teeth popping through. He’s only had one full feed all day; and the others he’s had around half. He’s been like it for a few days so i wonder if it’s because he’s teething. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My little one is the same, and she's teething. She already has 2 bottom teeth, so I know the top teeth are coming very soon. She used to drink 220ml every 4 hours. Now she's dropped to 160/170ml every 4 hours. She's not even bothered by the milk. Also, I have been applying anbesol religiously to help her and get her to drink milk, but nahduh. She drinks a lot of water so she is not constantly dehydrated.

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