Green poo?

My 8 week old has had a green poo today, he seems fine otherwise but is this okay? He is exclusively breastfed
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Following as my little one has had green poo for the last two days so would like to know also exclusively breastfeeding

Did your little one have their rotavirus vaccine? Mine got his today and the nurse mentioned it could cause green poo.

No he hasn’t had any vaccines yet xx

My little one had a couple of bouts of green poo when she was suffering with wind. Green is generally in the 'normal' colour range. Pampers have a bit of a guide for reassurance.

Mine went through quite a few green poo nappies around a similar age - perfectly normal for BF babies

That’s reassuring, thank you x

Mine has some now and again. I’ve mentioned this to my HV and she said that it can go green due to them being gassy. She said it’s not very concerning and just to keep baby upright for 15-20 mins after feed and make sure they are well burped.

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