Is it possible for babies to grow preference for bottles rather than breasts ?

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my little girl and I noticed that she eats less when breastfeeding than when we give her a bottle ... Sometimes she breast feeds fine but some other times out of nowhere she does not accept the breast or if she does it only lasts a few mins and she starts crying inconsolably until she sleeps ... So every time I breastfeed her I'm always wondering whether she prefers the bottles or even if she is feeding well ?! Hope it makes sense, can anyone relate ?
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We introduced a bottle of expressed milk to our little one (5 weeks old) a few days ago, we’re just doing one bottle a day to get her used to taking it for when we need someone to baby sit. She takes the bottle absolutely fine, she ate a whole 4oz today and was rooting for more so I put her on the breast and she was fine. The next feed she started to cry while still latched and kicking her feet which normally means she’s got trapped gas. We did some bicycle legs and gave her some infacol but couldn’t get anything out. For the next 30 minutes she was crying inconsolably and was refusing the nipple which everytime I tried to put her on she would just scream more. This whole refusing situation seems to have only started recently which is also making me wonder if it’s to do with the bottle or not

Babies can prefer a bottle over the breast as they often get the milk faster from a bottle and don't have to wait for the let down like they do with breastfeeding. Look into paced feeding, this can help to make bottle feeding a more similar experience to breast feeding so that baby is less likely to prefer bottle. Paced feeding can also help to prevent baby from overfeeding and reduce gas and belly pain from babies drinking the milk too quickly xx

Babies can have a preference for bottle over breast as they have to work harder at the breast to get the milk. I was told this by a midwife. I was told if my little one starts showing a preference just to persevere.

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