Seperation anxiety

Please tell me I’m not the only one… I honestly CANNOT do anything without my little girl moaning or screaming. She’s 8 and a half months old. I’m trying everything to keep her busy but I just feel like someone’s squeezing my head and it’s getting me upset! How long does the stage last 😭😭
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I'm in the exact same boat. Can't do anything ATM it's a nightmare! Apparently it can last till their 1 lol

@Natasha until they’re 1!!??? I don’t think I’ve got that long in me haha xx

My first born is just over 2 and still the same (she does give me more space now) but absolutely hates me leaving! I’m hoping my August baby isn’t going to be quite as bad!

We’re going through this stage at the minute. She has to come everywhere with me, if I dare leave her for 30 seconds it’s full on meltdown x

Yep! Apparently their separation anxiety peaks between 8-10 months x

I feel your pain! My lo is 8 and a half months too. When she wants to she will happily take herself off into the garden and play by herself or if I leave the living room door open by accident she will happily make a beeline for the stairs and start climbing up the stairs but heaven forbid I choose to walk away from her. If I walk away from her (even if it’s to make a bottle or some food) she literally just crawls behind me moaning 😂. It is tiring!

@Antonia see my little girl isn’t even crawling yet! She gets on her hands and knees and rocks or pushed herself back x

@demi she sounds like she is almost there! When my lo was doing that I used to put toys just out of her reach and she finally learnt how to go forward 😂. I think my lo is only crawling because she was determined she wanted to follow the dogs around 😂.

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