Really really struggling with this diagnosis, does anxiety affect results.

I hate needles and so finding the testing very very difficult. Can’t stop crying about it. Got my kit yesterday, so 24 hours in, following the advice on food to the letter and yet my results consistently high. Does it take a while for them to settle? Is my anxiety a factor in the result? No idea how I’ll do this another 9 weeks. I’m having an elective c-section and baby so far measuring just below 50 per centile,not entirely what I’ll do if I have to have insulin injections?? Any advice?
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If you can afford it I highly recommend getting a continuous monitor, I know I was personally stressed about having to poke my self multiple times a day but the continuous monitor makes everything way easier, they can be quite pricey though

I’m on pregnancy #2 with GD. With #1 I did the constant finger pricks and did have to take insulin at night because my fasting sugars were not good. With this pregnancy I requested a CGM (constant glucose monitor). I have the freestyle libra 3 so it is a device maybe the size of a quarter that sticks on the back of your arm and stays on for 2 weeks at a time and sends your numbers to an app on your phone. It also send the numbers to my dr so I don’t have to remember to do it. I will also say this pregnancy my numbers have been harder to keep in control. And honestly idk exactly why. With my first I had her in July 2020 so by the time I got tested it was peak covid so I was not going out other than a walk around the block and cooking every single meal for myself. Since then I have had my gallbladder out and now I have a toddler to manage as well as I am just busier in life. I have found it hard cause I will eat something today and my numbers are right on spot and I eat the identical

Meal Tommorow and my numbers suck. All of this to say you are not alone. I know this doesn’t necessarily help cause it’s not my favorite when people say it to me. But it is nice to know.

I also have a needle phobia, it’s been so hard and I work myself up quite a lot, I’ve been crying almost everyday too and when I get a high reading I want to cry, first of all take a deep breath, this isn’t easy and when I got the diagnosis I was shocked and I cried so hard my mum had to come over and calm me down as I didn’t know how I was going to cope, I got diagnosed at 34 weeks been doing it for 1 whole week now, Join the Facebook group Gestational diabetes uk they have amazing advice and recipes I find the nhs information outdated and doesn’t always help bring number down., if you can’t find the group message me and I’ll send a link/ pic of what it looks like be kind to yourself it’s not easy! Message me anytime I keep telling myself it’s only temporary as well which helps somewhat, x

Thank you so much all amazingly useful and supportive. There’s lots I’m going to take away and do. Really appreciate it

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