Potty training

WHAT DO I DO? We have been doing nappy free time from about 2pm everyday after nursery this week and we seem to have the hang of it, only 2 small accidents on the first day, but my girlie doesn’t talk to the staff at nursery (will talk to her friends and doesn’t shut up at home) so she won’t tell them if she needs to go. I don’t want to confuse and now associate nappies with nursery, I know nursery will do everything in their power to try and keep her dry but I don’t want to knock her confidence with doing as well as she has for the last 3 days. I just don’t think she’s going to catch on at nursery as quickly as she has at home. Been about 12 years since I last potty trained 😂😂
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If she’s getting on good at home I’d go nappy free all day and just use for bed time. Like you say nursery will do there part and accidents will happen while they transition but the more she knows she doesn’t have to go toilet at nursery she’ll have more resistance when she does. Like ripping a plaster off just go for it ❤️

I agree if she is doing well at home then go for it. I worried about nursery and my boy had accidents. My nursery take the toddlers in a little group to the toilets. So maybe her friends going will help if there are others going. Good luck

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