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hi mums! my son is 10 months old and so we’ve recently had our health visitor review (we live in UK) she was talking about cows milk and how he can have it in foods as an ingredient (which we have been doing anyway) but not to drink on its own just yet. i’ve been looking into the whole ‘cows milk as a drink’ thing and have seen differing things. some waited until baby turned 1 and others ‘weaned’ their baby onto it from 11 months. just wandering what you guys have done with your LOs? i didn’t think much of it to begin with but the research just has me curious aha xxx
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My LO is 11 months next week and we’ve started on 4oz formula and 4oz cows milk in only one bottle so she’s familiar with the taste, then when she’s 11 months start it on all bottles and gradually decrease formula and adding more cows milk then by time she’s 1 she’ll be fully on cows milk xx

Yeah by the book is to not even start until 1. But the advice is all over the shop from Health visitors lol. A friend did very similar to above

I started at 11m with my first born but got the ok for 10.5m with my second born. But it was what her ped said.. I think 1-3oz mixed w formula or breastmilk doesn’t hurt but I’m not a dr def talk with ped when you’re ready to do so

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