I’m a velcro mum😳😂

Anyone else tend to tell people they have a velcro baby but secretly know that they are actually a total velcro mum?😂My little girl is almost 12 weeks and I have never left her alone with anyone, not even her dad (other than for 20 minutes while I nipped to the shop around the corner) and I am still so anxious about the thought of leaving her with anyone! I think my biggest concern is that when leaving her with someone they will break the rules and boundaries that I have in place. We have already had multiple family members kiss her after being asked not to which has resulted in us saying that they will never be left alone with her! My mum keeps offering to babysit either during the day or overnight so that I can go out to spend time with friends or go a night out but I am exclusively breastfeeding and I’m so nervous about the thought of pumping and letting someone else give her a bottle because I just really love our bedtime routine and getting to feed her to sleep at night🥺 I know I will have to loosen the rains eventually and leave her with someone because we can’t be attached at the hip forever but I’m just so not ready!!
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Totally get this! I’m nervous because my little girl loses it whenever I leave her for even 5 minutes and hate the thought of her not being able to settle without me 😢 I’d just be on edge the whole time I was out at the moment.

I think this is me! Fairly certain she’s not actually a velcro baby but i am definitely a velcro mum🤣 we’ve also had multiple people kiss my 10 week old (one when she was 27 hours old🤮) so i’m also very paranoid about leaving her with anyone! Its a real struggle when you aren’t there to protect your boundaries and rules, i feel your struggle x

I can’t tell you how much this explains me ! Like you took the words out of my mouth … my mother in law is coming to visit for 4 months from abroad and already telling me I can have her back when she leaves back in September 🥺I am so nervous 🥺plus she smokes so much

I’m deffo a Velcro mum 😬! Hes not bothered being with Nana or Daddy but it bothers me 😂

It's not just babies that need to stay close because they're used to being attached to you... the fourth trimester affects mums too. You're used to having them in your belly for (give or take) 9 months, safe and sound and cared for automatically every second. Then they're born and it's so scary that they're not automatically safe and cared for and you're the one that has to remember to do it and the world is so dangerous and scary. It's hard to trust anybody else with your most precious cargo. When baby is with you, you know they're safe, and it takes more to know they're safe with someone else 🥺

@Talia I’ve had multiple people kiss her, also pretty early on too😠one member of my family and a few of my partners, I of course went crazy at my family member but my partner just isn’t as good at standing up against people as me and will just say ‘oh please don’t kiss her’ or ‘remember you’re not meant to kiss her please’ where as when a member of mu family kissed her I lost it and told them they were selfish for risking spreading their germs and making her unwell😂

I feel like I’ve wrote this post🙈💕 however I wouldn’t change it for the world! Never feel guilty for this, I don’t 🥹❤️

No don’t feel guilty at all they are only little once. Only thing I’d say is I have started to stretch leaving dad with her for longer period just as I think it’s important for him to bind with her and he can’t when I’m dominant every time. I basically over 3 weekends showed him everything regarding her tell signs and our routine and it made me feel a lot more comfortable that he was listening to me and what she wants xxx

@Tiegan it is selfish to kiss babies if you're not the main carer, even mums and dads need to hold off if they feel icky, you have to call them out with some aggression or they don't learn!

@Elizabeth myself and her dad are even still a bit cautious with kissing even though she is almost 3 months! I do now kiss her on the top/back of her head and she loves ear kisses🥺😂but I still won’t kiss her face/mouth/hands and yet 4 other people have kissed her face before me😠it really boils my blood!x

This isn't something you need to change or are doing wrong! It's totally normal to not leave your baby with anyone else for a long long time! I exclusively breastfeed too so I haven't even considered the possibility of leaving the house without him because he feeds quite regularly sometimes. I'm have a spa morning for my 30th end of June, my boy will be 4.5 months and that'll be the first time I leave him and I'm already nervous!!! It will be a long time before I leave him with anyone other than my partner too!

I'm the same! I'm so glad after reading this it's made me feel more normal. I seem to be worse with my partners family too for some reason. I know that people will think it's OK to do what they want with things like feeding and routine. I'm not ready also and dreading going back ro work x

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