Sydney or Elinor?

Having a hard time deciding between these 2 names for our baby girl that’s due in November… Also an even harder time thinking of a middle name for her, my husband wants to use my name as her middle name so it would be Sydney Taylor or Elinor Taylor but idk… does anyone else have an ideas?
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Use both! Sydney Elinor has a nice ring to it 😊

I think Sydney Taylor is really cute! Sydney Lou Sydney June Sydney Lenore Sydney Rae Elinor Rose Elinor Marie Elinor Emma Elinor Mae

I like Sydney! Sydney Jade Sydney Sage Sydney June Sydney Maeve Sydney Brooke Sydney Blake Sydney Wren Sydney Dove Sydney Jane Sydney Bloom Sydney Drew Sydney Quinn Sydney James Sydney Hayes Sydney Laine Sydney Gray Sydney Capri Sydney Monroe Sydney Summer Sydney Autumn Sydney Briar Sydney Scarlett Sydney Willow Sydney Sawyer Sydney Parker Sydney Palmer Sydney Colette Sydney Rowan Sydney Shiloh Sydney Madigan

Elinor Sydney or Sydney Elinor which ever way flows better with your surname

I have an Eleanor and her middle name is Paloma

Sydney Taylor!

Eleanor Kay

Sydney Tatum Sydney Alora Sydney Ellory Sydney Flora Sydney Lorelai

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