Midwife response time?!

Hi I wanted to know how quickly I should expect a reply on text from my midwife? At my first appointment at 8 weeks she said to call or text anytime for support, currently any questions or concerns of symptoms I have it’s taken her over 7 days to reply! Am I expecting too much?! Is this normal?
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I will advise call triage . More professional help . My midwife never reply 😑 .

I'd agree with Dana go to triage, they are good. My midwife has changed 3 times. One was good at replying (24-36hrs) the other told me some test results 2 weeks after telling me they were fine, she said they were not fine! I think the midwife system is in a bit of a state at the moment.

Yeah I’m so confused, like I have high BMI and I’m 14 weeks some people are telling me I should be taking aspirin but my midwife has not mentioned anything, I had my 12 week scan results back and the were low risk any no call but today I’ve had a letter through with an extra growth scan at 32 weeks and a leaflet saying that I have 0.4 on my Papp-a result I asked if I should be worried as the leaflet has scared me to death😓

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