Anyone else feel like their PPD is ‘coming back?’

I was doing so good after I got out of the newborn trenches, but I feel it coming back it seems. I moved to a new state and lost my small “village,” on top of that. I’m so sick of pumping, the teething screeches are killing me (and yes I do every suggested thing for teething,) and motherhood is so lonely / repetitive. Idk I just needed to rant a bit.
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Yes it feels like I’m on autopilot right now 😭 idk if it’s ppd for me but been sleep deprived for 7 + months is no joke !

i feel you . my sons doctors wants me to see my doctor sooner about ppd and wants me to get back on my meds

It’s real. I started feeling it when my son was around 6 months old. I also got anxiety and the no sleep/sleep regression doesn’t help. I started doing little walks, the fresh air really helps.

I do feel this. It's a damn rollercoaster. I'm planning a wedding. Getting ready for a surgery. Taking care of my teething baby whole my partner is at work in the evening. I want to cry and growl and punch something. I've been crying/ having breakdowns every night since having my son.

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