UC & Maternity Pay

Anyone here on UC who’s planning to stay home ? Will UC cover maternity pay for 3 months ?
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Depends how much your partner is earning/if your a single parent :) if you go on the gov website you can use the calculator to see how much you could get. Mine was around £300 per month, my partner earns just over 30,000 a year. So definitely not enough to live on per month!

Yes but that 300 was when you were getting maternity pay, I’m just wondering if that stops end of this month , and legally we can take a year maternity leave but the last 3 months are unpaid would UC top it up ?

No the 300 was without my mat pay. I used the benefits calculator to work out if I would need to go back to work after my SMP ended

entitledto.co.uk fill out your info on here and it will tell you :)

Thank you I will check it out , can I just ask how much were you getting roughly from UC apart from you SMP ?


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