Anyone else still not feeling "normal" 6 months postpartum? I'm beating myself trying to "figure out" what my new life is. I feel so burnt out, fatigued and tired. I still have interrupted sleep which makes me feel like im im a constant haze. I cant think, I have memory loss, confused. Am i the only one? 😮‍💨I've been dealing with anxiety before I was even pregnant and it only intensified. Literally feel so lost and like I'm hitting rock bottom again. I don't do anything for myself and feel like I can't accomplish much bc my little one constantly wants me to just carry him. I literally walk in circles inside my home some days not even knowing where to start, what to do, what my routine is. I'm so exhausted 😭
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I feel like you are writing this by me. I'm 5 months and have ppa/PPa. It's been rough. I also feel like I'm in this haze. Our baby likes to be rocked and walked all day as well.

I also feel like you are writing this about me. I’m 6 months pp now - my depression and anxiety kicked in around month 3-4 when I went back to work. I’ve struggled with both way before pregnancy but this is definitely the worst its been. My doctor just recently upped my antidepressant dose so we’re seeing how that goes. But I feel like I’m still in a haze, I get overwhelmed. I count down until bedtime but then I miss him. I definitely don’t take good care of myself either and constantly feeling guilt.

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