How are our babies doing with solids?? My girl is 8 months and still spitting out food most of the time or just doesnt like it. She doesnt seem that interested in solid food yet. Im super worried she isnt going to transition well!! Everything i see from other moms posts is their babies eating full meals!! Help!! Is this normal??
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My baby too 😩

i’m on the same boat! my daughter isn’t really interested yet and usually only wants milk. she likes her teething crackers and some solid veggies but I had the same concern so i’d like to hear what others say about their babies!

So this is baby #2 for me. My firstborn ate solids right at 6 months. My son (8 months) will occasionally eat solids, but his main diet is breastmilk still. He is interested in food, but doesn’t do well when offered something in the highchair. He’s a little behind others and is just about to be able to sit unassisted. Let me say my two cents of why I’m not concerned with either of these “delays” this time around! 1. Babies develop at their own speed 🩷 2. That’s it! My pediatrician isn’t concerned either. He’s just developing other skills and strengthening those first. Now, if we get further down the line and he’s still not progressing in skills, then I’d seek out early intervention. But for now, he’s doing great! Hope that helps out you at ease a little more knowing that you’re definitely not alone and that it’s all normal. Babies will show you when they’re ready!

my baby too😭

My 8m is only on Purees. We'll still put our food in front of her and when she's ready we'll grab it. We're not worried. Also with purees we notice after a few bites she seems done but after a sip of water she's usually ready for more. Like us, LOs too need to cleanse the pallet.

My LO isn’t eating much solids wise either BLW or purées. My first was similar. They will eventually eat when they are ready.

These posts make me feel better. My 8 mo just does not care for purées or oatmeal, not even the sweet fruits like apples or pear. We have done some blw but not enough to be nutritious. Im still trying every day hoping it’ll just spark sometime.

I keep telling myself that food before age 1 yrs old is for play and the nutrients he needs is coming from the breastmilk or formula.

Just keep offering and baby will at some point start to get the idea and the hang of it! My 8 month old eats two meals a day with us, usually breakfast and dinner. Like today for breakfast she had eggs with cheese, torn up pieces of pancake, and diced strawberries and for dinner she had pasta and peas. If you just offer and give baby as many opportunities to eat as possible then they’ll do what they need to!

My baby eats purées but will only eat about 2 ounces and that’s it. I’m getting a little worried myself 😩

My little one didn’t want proper solids until she was about a year. She is now 20 months and eats everything. Wouldn’t worry about it, sometimes I think they struggle with the lack of teeth x

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