My girl is now rolling onto her stomach but is unable roll back, I try to do lots with her but if I leave her for a second she’s rolled onto her stomach and is getting herself worked up. Most of her current toys are overhead ones, is there any toys/activities anyone can recommend for stomach I already do the usual Tummy time books and toys around her
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You're not alone, it takes babies a lot more effort to go from tummy to back. I've just watched some YouTube videos. A lot of them say about encouragement of elbow time, I've noticed my boy is a little weak there and they need to be able to flat foot to push themselves over. Lots more floor time, a little support and encouragement and they need to problem solve themselves. It will get there

Mine is the same! Starts fussing or crying if I leave him more than a minute sometimes 🤣 he's more settled if he's on his elbows watching dancing crab go back and forth for a shortwhile! If he's not distracted he face plants and tried to almost crawl thinking he's more advanced than he actually is capable of. I've noticed this week he's started to grab things in front of him whilst on his elbows so I'm gunna try some water play and also I've tried those crinkly books with different materials which he did about 10 min play with today. Also I've had to use the tv at times (just short stints like 3 mins of a nursery rhyme or ms rachel at a time, while he's on his elbows to distract from face planting and built shoulder and head control).

Thank you both, i try to eat for a second and she’s on her tummy screeching at me😂, although I do love to see her roll, cutest thing ever 🥰

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