Parental leave

Talking to my friend about how my partner gets 2 weeks paid leave when baby gets here & they were soo impressed & thought that was amazing. ?!! I think it’s so awful what we’re given in the US & I’m sick of being told to be “grateful” for the breadcrumbs thrown to us by corporate America. At two weeks I’m still heavily bleeding & many parents are recovering from c sections! I think it’s so sad what we’re conditioned to think & be thankful for 😫
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It really is awful. There's woman that give birth that don't even get a month or full pay it's actually disgusting to think

It is sick

It’s sad. My boyfriend owns his own company so if he’s not working he’s not getting paid. He plans to stay home for 2 weeks but it’ll be unpaid. The government should definitely be paying for at least 6 weeks of maternity and paternity leave for parents for foster, adoption or biological births etc

I have 0 paid maternity leave. So I’ll be taking 12 weeks unpaid, but most people don’t have that luxury. My husband has 4 weeks paid which is fantastic. And frustrating that he has more than me, the person who will actually birth the baby. This is why I’m not very patriotic haha

I have the choice to either use up all of my sick days for paid days or go unpaid. I've been saving like crazy since we found this out. It angers me so much. If I would have known better I would've signed up for short term disability pay before we started trying. I'm a teacher and it's crazy to me that this is what my teachers in school went through on maternity leave.

I get absolutely no maternity leave. I’m honestly just going to work, take my ‘maternity leave (essentially just quitting but with more steps) on June 2nd right before my third trimester starts and make my peace as a stay at home mom until my baby is 1. It sucks so bad and if i qualified for FMLA or something maybe i’d be better off, but i’m pretty privileged that my partner makes the amount he does as a nurse. We’ll live. I just wish we didn’t have to fight for breadcrumbs.

@Shelby same!! But don't kick yourself about disability. I've been paying into it for ten years and it was a complete waste of money. It only pays out for the first six weeks post birth, and it won't pay me anything because I have six weeks of sick days saved up. So if I'd taken all my sick days during my career, disability would be paying me. But because I saved my sick days, the district and the disability company get a freebie off me 🤬

@Tabby FMLA is unpaid job protection, not paid leave. I'm a teacher and also get zero paid leave. I just have the privilege of using up the sick days I've saved up, then going on unpaid leave 🙄

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