At what point t should we be worried about discordance? I know they usually say anything under 20% is considered ‘normal’. 2 weeks ago discordance was 1.5% and today it’s 12.5%….seems like a very big jump.
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What gestation are you? Are they mono di twins ? Or di di? Xx

We had one that was sIUGR, but they would measure so different from one scan to the next, and sometimes that were only a week or even days apart. The slightest hair off on the measurement can create a dramatic difference. So I’d see what the next scan is like before you get worried.

We were told we had around 22% discordance between my babies from about week 29 until I delivered and my babies were born perfectly healthy and right around the same size! Don’t let it worry you crazy like I did me! I wish I had known then what I know now about how it all works out just fine ❤️ my MFM specialist had me so stressed over the growth scans and everything that could go wrong. I’m of course thankful we had such great and informed care but- truly- those scans aren’t always correct! Just enjoy your pregnancy momma. It went by so quick!

@Amber they are modi. approx 22 weeks

@Stacey thank you. I go back in two weeks. I will report back with new measurements.

It is also less concerning if they’re both over the 10th percentile!

It fluctuates. We went from 8% to 15% to 22% and then back down to 11%. They look at more than just the size discordance so blood flow and amount of amniotic fluid so I wouldn’t worry for now! Also MODI twins x

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