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Has anyone figured out they may not be able to take maternity leave fully because your family couldn't afford it? My work tops up the EI payments for 6 months, then I'm only getting 55% from EI (planned to take the 12 months leave) but my husband and I were looking again recently at our finances and I might have to go back to work after the top up ends as we might not be able to pay all our bills. Anyone have advice or tips at all for being able to stay home the full 12 months? I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. We've already looked at the finances and there's nothing we could cut.
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I am going through the same experience! Unfortunately, because the nature of my job, I will not receive any top ups during my maternity leave, just what EI will give me. Luckily, I have some savings to help me during this time but like you, it will be tight financially. I may also need to go back to work early and my husband may need to pick up another job to help us. I get what you're feeling 💓

I don't think there anyway to get out of it, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I started saving. I wish I got top up from my job just managing with E.I. You can try a side hustle but that take energy and time and sometimes money. Hopefully you can figure something out.

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