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My son is 23 months old today, so he will be 2 in exactly 1 month. Well he’s experiencing some delays in life with speech and some gross motor skills. Actually there’s a big possibility he’s autistic. Well we been up since 6 am this morning. So i went into the bathroom to go take a poop like my stomach hurts and had goosebumps on me. Well I went as fast as I could mind you I was sitting there on my phone but I was using the bathroom. Well my son’s dad came in and asked if I was really using the bathroom or sitting there on my phone. The fucking nerve. Anyways I’m finishing up my business I hear him yell angrily at my son. So I rushed out, he was changing his poopy diaper yelling because he said he’s tired of him not listening. Well fuck man he can’t even talk yet. Tf. I really don’t think this is normal at all. Sorry for every detail but I feel it’s necessary to give me your full opinion. I cannot believe how mad he got to change a diaper. Like I do this all the time, I can do it in my sleep. Mind you my son’s dad sleeps in a different room and is able to get up whenever his heart desires. Tf
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If your that concerned get a professional opinion… my son is the same age and says lil things but he is not autistic went to a specialist and all don’t be so quick to put babe in a category all kids move at they own pace

I understand your husband may be upset, but that doesn't make it okay to talk to your son that way. Unfortunately, responding to fire with fire in the moment isn't going to get you anywhere. After you put your son to sleep at night, try to talk to your husband 1 on 1. Go in and try to remain cool calm and collected. Let him know you understand his frustrations (give examples how you may be frustrated too), but ask if he could please refrain from not yelling in anger. Express your concerns about your son and what you want to do as far as getting him seen by medical professionals. Ask what he thinks about what you say and what you guys should do. If you have any research to share offer that to him. Convey that the best way both of you will get through this is if you maintain a united front.

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