Baby shivers

For the past month or two my 8 month old has been doing this thing where it looks like she’s shivering or shaking her body. My mother-in-law says she’s peeing when she does that but idk if I believe it. I messaged our ped and he said that could possibly be it or it’s just a natural baby jerk. Does anyone else’s baby do that? it looks like she’s shivering for a quick second or two and it comes completely random.
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my baby does it but we realized it’s been she gets a little breeze on her neck she gets the chills so she’ll shake her little body

Yes my son does this and I think it’s the cutest thing ever! I’m soooome instances he’s peeing but I’ve noticed it happens with a breeze coming into the house or the ceiling fan hitting him a certain way

My baby does that too. I just figured maybe she gets a little chill

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