Mum and Baby groups Leicester

Hey I just wondered if someone could help me out with letting me know if there are any free mum and baby groups in Leicester? Tia
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That’s brilliant thank you!! 🙏🏻

@Pearl you’re welcome :) we’ve done the babies learning together at saffron and it’s been amazing. Sadly my LO has outgrown it now!

Find your local sure start centre they will point you in the right direction x

Thank you Paulette! 🙏🏻

Leicester Mammas run several Baby Cafes and other courses across the city

That’s brilliant thank you how do I find them? X there's a page for different groups. The drop ins are a good starting point. If you go speak to the Mammas director running it as they have a WhatsApp group that advertised everything they do

That’s really great is it free? X

Yes they are a community interest group. All groups are paid for through funding/donations. It does mean that sometimes groups like baby massage may only be open to residents in a certain area

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