Stretch marks / blisters on vagina?

Has anyone else had the below I had a c section so not sure if it’s linked. Dont know if they are stretch marks or blisters
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Did they shave you? It looks like a ton of ingrown hairs to me from all my years as a professional waxer but could be stretch marks but from experience again the stretch marks I've seen down below they're usually a lot darker. Does anything come out of you squeeze one?

@YazmynJade no I shaved the day before but defo not ingrown hairs up close think the pic is bad x

Id say stretch marks then x

Were they there before you shaved?

@Giselle I didn’t notice tbh as the bush was bushing 🤣

I day stretch marks , I have them too down below c

Is this the first time you’ve seen it since birth/pregnant? When my swelling went down after I had my babys that’s when I notice my stretch marks including there

@Evelyn yeah it is I used a mirror today and hasn’t looked since birth xx

Mine were quiet prominent there for awhile after my first 3 years ago but even after my 2nd baby they have gone down a lot❤️

@Evelyn thank you ❤️❤️

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