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What do you say to someone that lost a family member? Saying “ I’m sorry for your lost” seems like it’s not enough
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Nothing we can say will be enough. Everyone handles grief differently so there’s no saying that’s one size fits all but definitely pray for them and ask God to give you the words to say. Send them encouraging scriptures if they are opened to it. Be there for them and ask them how you can be there for them and the support they want to have

The best thing to do is pray for them, and I think the second best is to physically help if you are able. Send a DoorDash gift card, or make them a meal if you know what they like. People deep in grief or any problem likely won't be able to say "this is what I need," but everyone needs food, everyone enjoys flowers, if you're close enough to this person tell them you can pick up their child from school - anything you can think of that you may be able to do to help in a tangible way. I praise God have not lost anyone very close to me, but I was in the hospital for a month then my baby was in the NICU for 10 days. So many people said "let me know if you need anything," and I know they meant it, but I couldn't think straight enough to tell them. But 3 ladies at my church got together and made my family enough meals to last us a couple of weeks once we got home. That was such a huge blessing and let me ease my way back into normal life. I imagine it would be the same for someone who's grieving.

Dr John deloney has some good videos about how to support someone who lost a family member.

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