Walking yet?

My 16 and half month old isn’t fully walking yet and I’m not sure if that’s something to be worried about as he was late to crawling aswell. Does anyone else’s little one not walking yet? Should I book a GPs appointment or is it normal not sure what to do!?
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Every little one is different and gets to stages different I’d say anything after 18 months then consider getting into doctors if you worried but he will get there eventually my little one didn’t start walking until a few week ago and he just surprised me with it they will do it in the own time try not to worry

@Lubna just follow your instincts and if you feel something is not right, make an appointment with the GP. Most probably your lo is still building confidence and will get it there but why not sleep rest assured that all is fine 😊

Mines not walking yet

I have twins, 1 is walking a bit and the other doesn’t at all.

Completely normal, HV and GP’s don’t consider it a delay until 18months so there’s still plenty of time. That said, you know your baby best so if you think it’s a case of you think there is an issue then go for it, just be prepared for the “it’s not classed as a delay” conversation. My 17m daughter crawled at about 10.5 - 11 months and she is just now finding her feet. She can do a few consecutive steps but is super wobbly. She is just lazy because she can do it she just prefers to not haha and I figure she’ll get there in her own time. The HV and GP’s are there if she’s still not walking by that time. I think there’s so much pressure on babies to do things early that it just makes you panic as a mum.

My 17 and a half month old isn’t walking yet either, I took him to the GP a few weeks ago because I was worried. If you are worried then I would say book a GP appointment just to put your mind at ease! X

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