Anyone feel sudden stomach tightness when walking fast or birth ball movement

Not sure if it’s Braxton hicks and it doesn’t quite feel like contractions but suddenly my tummy tightens a lot when I walk really fast or after movements on the birthing ball
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I’ve been feeling them at random times and I think it’s braxton kicks. They go away within a few seconds/minutes

Yeah most of the time it goes away when I sit down / slow down but thought it’d be so different I’ve been surprised

Yup now I just walk really really slow 😂😂

Lmao I’m like woah when did this happen

@Liss 😂 I missed the memo too

BH, as I understand, usually aren’t painful! A lot of times, we don’t even know they’re happening. Just our bodies doing their thing to get ready for the big show.

@Jessica that makes sense. I was nervous something was wrong but wasn’t really in pain. Appreciate it ☺️

@Liss of course! Also, to try and alleviate BH, stay super hydrated 🖤

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