American Russian Mamas in Chicago!

I am a native Russian speaker, Jewish, in the US since age 10. I am married to an American wife and have a toddler daughter. My daughter’s only exposure to Russian comes from me and it is tough since I think and process in English. With that being said, I really want to expose my kiddo to the Russian language and culture. If am being very forward, I have stayed away from Russian Jewish community because it was sticking point for me for a while as a gay person in college and turned me off. With that being said, are there Americanized mamas/families living in North Center/Ravenswood with young kiddos here who speak more Russian to their kids who would want to connect? Thank you!
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Hey I don’t live in your area but I relate to much of the above. I immigrated when I was 3 years old to the US and have maintained my Russian through community activities but I hardly ever speak it these days. I am expecting my first child in October and my partner who does not speak Russian is encouraging me to teach our child and I’m anxious just thinking about hard it will be. Happy to connect virtually :)

Likewise I’m in a similar boat as you ladies. Came here when I was 5yrs old, I have a 6 month old and a partner that doesn’t speak Russian. Would love to do something virtual ❤️

This is so exciting mamas! We can connect virtually!!

Let’s do it!

Ladies where do you live? Asking for time zones. Let me know if you refer a day zoom or evening or weekend (guessing the former since were mama-ing those other times!)

Central time and I’m flexible

Also cst and also flexible starting next week. I have some friends in town this weekend. 💕

Same boat here, moved at 5 - never allowed to speak English in the house. Hubby doesn’t speak Russian or try to learn but expects me to teach our incoming baby and him at the same time. My mom has already said she’s speaking Russian to the baby and I love that. But it is a little lonely, she lives an hour away and my friends are all English speaking. Seattle based - would love to be included in a virtual session!

Perfect lets look at some time in June! I am free after the first week and will send some options. Maria we will be sure to accommodate the two hour time difference! Happy weekend!

I just wish I knew Russian lol I think it’s great your teaching your child to be bilingual.

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