Brushing toddlers teeth

Any help of what we can do to brush my little girls teeth? It’s a battle every time and results in us only doing at night because she creates such a fuss. At the moment it’s forced which I know isn’t helping but can’t think of any other way to do it successfully, she used to be fine but not anymore!!
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Have you tried just letting her play with the toothbrush and letting her chew on it? X

@Dionne yeah she isn’t interested just says no no tried let her do my teeth which she will then I’ll say do yours and she won’t, tried doing all our teeth at the same time which used to work now doesn’t x

Ahhh, only advice I could give is to let her play with the toothbrush through the day. See if she tries to put it in her own mouth, she may feel more comfortable if she’s not relating usual teeth brushing location with toothbrush etc x

You’ve probably tried this, but maybe even give her it at bath/shower time and she might not fuss as much if she’s distracted with toys/bubbles etc. I also sing so nursery rhymes about brushing teeth my little one too and she loves that x

A few ideas: give her notice when you're about to do teeth brushing "we will go in 10 seconds to do our teeth brushing" and then count down. Hold her in your arms, let her switch on the light by showing her how to do it, hold her in your arms and let her grab the toothpaste and show her where to squeeze and do it with her, put the toothbrush next to her and say "can we brush our teeth together?" You do yours and point to hers but let her do the movement don't force it. Try little books on teeth brushing Let's Brush our Teeth: How To Brush Your Teeth (Campbell Big Steps, 11) You could do brush teeth with a 🧸 or a little doll too. X

We listen to the tooth brushing song on YouTube soon as I start playing that she knows it’s time but she isn’t a massive fan of brushing hers lately either although she used to be pretty good. I will give her the tooth brush and she chews it so I don’t think it’s having any affect. Same as you I have to force her to do it although she’s screaming crying I just remind myself though that I was rather hear her scream crying for a couple of seconds while I try and brush her teeth than have her scream crying in a hospital bed when they have to take her teeth out for never being brushed. I’m planning on buying some role play dentist toys for her birthday and hoping that will be bit of an encouragement

My little boy had turned into a nightmare. We got him a brush baby electric toothbrush and this was a game changer for us. He loves it xxx

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