I see a lot of BLW babies here & Tbh I tried blw and it just gives me way too much anxiety. She gets her crackers so she’s being introduced to a different texture still but for the most part her meals are purée’s fed by me. Anyone else mainly purées? & im curious how much they eat daily
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i just started doing rice and blended meat and my anxiety is to the max so I feel you on this. It helps that shes starting to chew. I still do baby cereal and purees though

I think you should listen to your baby. My baby will eat some foods pureed and others she won't. I cut her food into tiny pieces or larger chunks she can hold depending on the food. 8 month old and She does great!

As long as the baby is safe and not choking gagging is normal and it is a part of the learning process. These little humans are tougher than we think 💪

We are really only doing purées! We have tried to cut up bananas… he throws them off his chair to the dog… tried cut up strawberries… woundnt do it. We just recently this week started yogurt melts and it was such a hit!! They are hard but after 15 seconds have melted in his mouth. So he’s getting used to having the concept of having hard things in his mouth and getting down a chewing motion (we also eat the yogurt melts and overexaggerate a chewing motion and smack our lips) and now he is chewing the melts .. and tonight i gave him some tiny ground turkey and he absolutely loved it and used his same chewing motion. I will say that i am feeding it to him , not cutting it for him and letting him pick it up and put it in his mouth. He gets frustrated that the pieces are too small (but I’m not comfortable with bigger pieces yet) so feeding it to him is a good compromise. Try the yogurt melts! It opened gate for us which let to some success with other things! ❤️❤️🙏🏼

My daughter Gags hard at anything other than a puree. Even super mushed up foods. Refused to try to was the puffs as well

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