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My husband gifted me a couple hours to myself for Mothers Day. He paid for a one hour massage and one hour facial for tomorrow. My question is what do I expect? 😅 I’ve never had either but I’m so looking forward to it because it sounds so nice. What do y’all have done? Anything I should ask for to add?
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I just had my first prenatal massage and European facial on the 11th! Massages are always nice and relaxing, my favorite part is the hands haha. My facial felt magical. What they do depends on the facial from what I've read. The one I did she cleansed my face a couple times, steamed it for awhile, massaged my hands, did extractions on my black heads, neck massage, a mask, and lots of what I think was lotion while she massaged my face, chest and neck for what felt like a good 20 minutes. It was amazing!

Hubs did this for me (UK mothers day so it's earlier) it's daunting having so much time for yourself but enjoy! Bring a book, games etc and just enjoy - not sure if you get included lounge, spa/gym and lunch but in short enjoy the day because you deserve it and hubby and LO think so too

For the massage they’ll have you undress to your comfort level- I usually take everything off but my underwear. You’ll be draped with a sheet the whole time! You usually start face down on the table and there is a special pillow to put your face in, then about halfway through they’ll have you turn over on your back. I always ask for them to focus extra on my neck/shoulders/upper back, and I always ask for a scalp massage (the best!)

Thank you ladies! I appreciate it. Makes me even more excited. That all sounds lovely.

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