Pampers newborn nappies

I have been using pampers since my daughter was in size 0, currently size 2 at 4 months. I have no issues with them other than the occasional nappy smells really bad after she has done a wee. Ive used many other brands and haven’t had this happen. But i cant figure out why! The smell is so pungent i can sometimes smell it without being super close to her. Has anyone had this issue?
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I have this exact same problem and I was actually going to call the dr today because I was quite concerned with the smell but now I have seen this I’m not sure I need to! It really is a pungent smell isn’t it! I never noticed this when we were using size 1 though did you?

Ive noticed it most with size 2 and very rarely with size 1. I know it isnt my little one because ive tried other brands and it doesnt happen. I wonder what it is Someone said it could be the chemicals in them which is a bit unsettling. Never had any nappy rash either. Strange

We've always had a smell from the nappies but never tried another brand so as a ftm didn't know it wasn't normal 😅 baby has never had nappy rash though and they fit him well so not bothered by trying another brand even

I notice this strong smell from y little one’s nappy when she was about 6 months old took her to the doctors turned out she had a wee infection I would still no a GP appointment and get your little ones checked over as I’ve never had this issue with pampers. Used pampers for 14 months x

Apparently Aldi nappies are really good xx

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