Started sucking on toast for finger food🥰

He’s sat watching some family guy and sucking some light toast💕 (No judgement comments about screen time, family guy, bread or anything else please, I really don’t care😂)
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Hahaha this is the life! I gave my little guy toast the other day and he shoved the whole thing in his mouth so now I’m traumatised. Can’t wait to try again I think he lived it.

I'm jealous, I want to be sucking on toast and watching family guy lol x

Just came to say I absolutely love the caption 😂😂 Well done little man 🩵

@Luba haha oh no! He got a big bit off and I had to dig it out his mouth, luckily after that he just sucked it to death and spat it all out😂

@Emily haha same! I was watching him while cleaning like.. that is the life.

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