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Baby has never taken a dummy and loves his comforter bear. It helps him fall asleep so easily by nibbling it and soon as he is done I remove it so it’s not in his cot. He will be going in his own room soon so I don’t want to have to keep going in to his room of a night to remove it but I don’t know what else to use. Just wondering what other babies who do not have dummies use to soothe or do they simple just settle. I was going to try mittens as he used these when he was younger but with the hot weather I thought mittens were a bad idea.
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Does he need it when he wakes overnight? My older son had (still has) a teddy. Until he was one we would let him fall to sleep with it and when we went to bed we moved it out of the cot. We could watch him on the monitor to make sure he was ok when he had it xx

Yeah he wakes in the night a couple of times and looks for it. So it’s easy with him in being next to me to give it him and take it away when he falls asleep. I’ve tried him with mittens tonight with two wakes up but managed to self settle 🤞

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