Membrane sweep

39w0d went in and am 5cm dilated and got my membrane sweep! Hoping she comes this weekend!
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Hi Courtney is this your first baby?

So excited for you

Did the same today! Good luck girl hope it’s our time

@Esther yes it is!

@Brianna Le bas I hope so too!! Good luck!!

Yay! Hoping my appointment goes the same way tomorrow!

Any luck? So far nothing for me

@Brianna Le bas getting some cramping but that’s it😭 went on a walk and have been bouncing

@Brianna Le bas and some contractions but they’re not close together at all

Literally EXACT same for me

@Brianna Le bas 🤞🏼 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 I really want this weekend because the drs I like are on call 😭

Same!! Cause my husband is home 😅😅 welp good luck again girl, rooting for you

@Brianna Le bas you too!! Keep me updated!

@Brianna Le bas I had contractions starting at 10pm last night that were every 30 minutes. Didn’t go to sleep until 4am… was hoping they would get stronger and closer together this morning but nothing so far! UH!

Damn we’re like the same. We went bowling last night to hopefully get things going haha and around 11 I had contractions, felt strong but stopped once I layed down and still nothing this morning. I was told after 36 hours if you don’t go into labor the sweep didn’t work BUT we’re both a good amount dilated our bodies are clearly ready so that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a good chance to go into labor this weekend!

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