Refusing induction - shoulder dysplasia

Am I allowed to refuse an induction? I went for a growth scan today and the head measurements were dead on the top line. I’m 36 weeks tomorrow, they said my baby is at risk of shoulder dysplasia, they gave me a leaflet to inform me of what happens if the baby gets stuck, it’s basically an emergency and I could well need blood transfusion. It also informs you of what will need to be done to dislodge baby and it’s not exactly pleasant. I feel like with everything going on with me atm (just been diagnosed with GD) and I’m being tested for pre eclampsia, a C section might be the best for both me and baby. As I know I will be constantly stressing about the baby getting stuck and i really do not want that kind of birth trauma. But I’m scared they’ll refuse me a C - section. I mentioned it and said for the sake of me and baby i would rather a c section and the doctor was basically like “you’ll be induced at an earlier stage” I don’t want that at all. I want my baby out safely without causing him stress and I just know now that me going into a vaginal birth I will be stressed and constantly worrying. I feel like everything is going wrong, I’m stressed already and feel like this is all my fault. I didn’t want a c section but I don’t feel like I can take a risk now even if it’s low. I knew this pregnancy was going too smoothly.
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I would stick to your gut and push for a c-section. Inductions can be dangerous and if there is another option, I’d push for that. YOU are in charge l. Unless an emergency occurs, push for what you want.

Hi! I think you mean shoulder dystocia? My daughter 18m old now was a shoulder dystocia birth and thankfully they were able to get her unstuck rather quickly but it can definitely be scary! It is a very serious emergency and with other factors you mentioned above it adds to it. Just an FYI being induced can increase the chance of it happening as the contractions are so much stronger, but it’s never for sure it will happen until it’s actually happening. My doc wants to do c section for my current pregnancy as it at increased risk of it happening again (if it happens once then your risk of recurring is much higher) your doc should be willing to do elective c section given the circumstances! If you want to talk about it at all or have questions for someone who went thru it I’m happy to chat :)

It is ultimately your choice, they can advise to induce but you can turn it down. They also advise inducing after you hit 40 weeks. You can turn it down then too

They wanted me to be induced due to high bp and possible pre eclampsia and he was a big baby around 37 weeks I said no and ended up with pre eclampsia at 39 and had a c section and he came out at 7lbs 2 not 9lbs like they told me …glad I said no because he would of been so small !! Go with ur gut x

Thank you all, I had told the midwife and doctor I wanted a C-section because of all these complications going on with my body as well as him coming up big, they’ve told me to hold off on the thought and wait for my next growth scan, and are trying to encourage me to be induced but I would rather clamp my legs shut than be induced as I’m aware it can also increase the risk, I just want baby out safely and I’m struggling to understand why the doctor seems to be against me having one tbh

They can’t say no if you want it you can have it x

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