Does anyone else’s 4 month old just hate pacifiers?? My baby boy will not take any pacifiers.
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My son used it for like a week and after that he never used them. He will rather suck on his thumb then a pacifier

Same thing with my little one. We couldn’t leave the house without one and now he hates them. He’s six month old now

Same here, He only used it for his first month and after that just always spits it out

Neither of my kids took a pacifier once we left the hospital lol

Same with both of my kids. I’ve seen parents hold it in.. but I never did that so I assumed that’s why none of my kids took it in

Yes lol hates it

Yes. Any time I’ve tried to put it in his mouth, he acts like it’s the most disgusting thing ever 😂

Only time mine takes a pacifier is if it’s nap time or bedtime or we are in the car

@Rosemary McMurray I wish.

Mine won’t take pacifiers either but I think it’s better than having to break her from it honestly 😁

Mine generally won’t take it. She used it for her first week or so home from the hospital and then just spits it out. I can occasionally get her to keep it in for a few minutes to help calm her down when she’s upset in the car. Other than that she doesn’t even like the sight of them. We tried them again during her 4 month sleep regression. It was just laying on the crib and she would reach out and smack it away. 😂

@Allison hahaha

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