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I wanted to see if anyone else shared this experience as it's been playing on my mind for a while now. I started out really wanting to breastfeed and did manage it to some degree for six weeks. During that time, the NHS gave me so much support. I borrowed a pump from the hospital when it became apparent I wasn't producing enough milk. I was called by the infant feeding team every couple of days. Baby was weighed every two days to measure how well we were doing. I had face to face time with specialists. They really were amazing. But then as I needed to introduce more formula, I had questions about how best to prepare, which bottles to use and when, the different formula available - and no one seemed to have the answers. It's as though the health visitors and midwives aren't given any training or guidance on how to support parents in formula feeding their children. I do appreciate that breastfeeding is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of support, but formula feeding just feels like the wild west with very little practical advice from professionals. Anyone else feeling this??
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Have you tried the NHS website? I think that has clear guidance. I guess as formula feeding has a set of guidelines for everyone to follow it can be published somewhere whereas breastfeeding needs personalised advice so more people to support. But nationally I've noticed a real lack of breastfeeding support and that's given as the reason for such low breastfeeding rates

Very similar situation to you, although I wish I had a bit more support with the breastfeeding too. I feel very sad that we couldn't breastfeed past 6 weeks either, but what upsets me even more is that there doesn't seem to be support for bottle feeding mums. Support groups, charities, consultants, etc. for breastfeeding, but nothing for bottle feeding. No support groups, community, resources, etc. I'm trying to figure out where to give feedback. I feel like the issue isn't just with the NHS, though. I feel like it's a wider problem. Anyway, if you want to chat, you're welcome to message me xx

Ps. Formula feeding can also be real damn hard! Xx

Best way to prepare is make sure that all bottles are sterile either by a sterilising machine or self sterilising bottles. Every time you do a new bottle fill the kettle with fresh tap water and boil. Once boiled put the water into the bottle to what ever oz you need it to. But never do half and the scoops that come with formula are one oz per one oz water. Leave to either cool naturally or place the bottle in cold water if needed at that time. Formula milk made from the powder can’t be used after 2 hours. When going out with formula is make sure you have clean sterile bottles and hot flask of water from the kettle and formula. There are these things that you can get that hold the amount of formula you need. I’ll share link from Amazon. https://amzn.eu/d/aZA6VnB I use SMA for my little girl as HIPP and Atimal didn’t agree with her. A lot of formals provide a hungry or extra hungry baby formula. Only problem is babies can be constipated when on formula. But completely normal.

Id say if you love to formula you’ll have to find out what one is good for your bubba as there’s a few different types. When getting formula I’d recommend that when your half way through one tub to get another tub so you’ve always got it and never have to worry about running low or rushing to get some. As for the health visitors and midwives they should know this and should be able to provide some help and support. I hope this information helps you sending the best of luck xx

Totally agree with this- we didn’t breast feed and I know that’s always the preference but the reality is a lot of people don’t and then like you say there just isn’t the support and resources out there so it can actually be very difficult to navigate which we have found. Happy to chat if you need any help, we’ve been doing it since we left the hospital and are 10 weeks in now so feeling on top of it to an extent now but very much figured it out ourselves!

Hey, have you checked the NHS guidelines for formula/bottle feeding? In terms of recommendations, HCPs aren't supposed to say which brand is best. You will need to look at what you can afford and/or what suits your particular baby. Unfortunately, the UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, but I would say that there still isn't a lot of support or education. I'm glad you got a lot of support. X

Can I help you in any way with the bottle feeding and formula? I feel massive judgement saying I formula fed my three but at the same time who gives a shit. I don't go on to the playground with my five year old and compare him to breast fed children.

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