Anyone’s little one still waking for milk?

My son is still waking for a bottle of milk a few nights a week. He is still not consistently sleeping through. He has milk before bed but some nights also wakes around 2am for more milk, I’m 8 months pregnant and this is killing me. I know I need to break the habit but if I don’t give him a bottle he goes mad. Any help or tips please? I’m desperate. He’s also still in my room so don’t think that helps!
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I think you will need to go cold turkey. I would stop the bottle completely. It’s probably because you have always given in then it’s now routine. Offer water before and during night wakings and stand firm. Try putting them in their own room. You can get sticking locks off Amazon that doesn’t let them open the door at night. My LO has been in their own room from 7 months.

Mine doesn't take a bottle (never has) but she still wakes up most nights. She sleeps in her own room for part of the night, then wakes up and cries out for me, I bring her to our bed and she sleeps until the morning. Works for us but of course every family is different. You can start telling him during the day, when he is calm, about things changing etc. He is now old enough to understand and remember. So you are preparing him essentially. Offer water instead. A cuddle. Give him choice - always a good idea for toddlers. Just bear in mind kids this age have a huge leap in development for their brain and imagination which has the side effect of bad dreams and fears. So if you do move him to another room please don't lock him in... honesly sounds terrifying for a child who is not used to sleeping on their own and might make things worse. Can maybe your partner take the night offering of milk or whatever you decide? You are probably struggling at heavy pregnancy as it is.

@Lesley hi thank you, do you use a sippy cup for water? Sorry I should probably clarify I don’t actually have the space for him to be in his own room which is why he’s in with me, I’d love for him to be in his own room ideally

@Villy thank you for the very helpful advice! Do you offer water in a particular cup?

I have used the doidy cup from 6 months old. So mostly use open cup but they don’t know how to use a sippy cup. Could you move them into the living room during the night?

My daughter is a bit funny with cups, a few months ago she lost interest with any kids cups. She either drinks from open cup (I got a pack of hard plastic ones so she doesn't brek when she drops them) or from my gym bottle. Like a big bottle with a straw type of thing. If it is during the night I bring the gym bottle as she can spill more when it's dark etc.

@Lesley @Villy Thank you both, I’ve given him some milk from an open cup in the front room; there were a few tears but he’s asleep in his bed. Fingers crossed he won’t wake in the night asking for it!

How is it going? Interested as I need to stop the bedtime bottle too!

@Lucy he’s done so well, I’ve actually been shocked. We had two quite difficult nights with waking but I stayed firm and the last two nights he’s slept through. I got him a special cup for his milk which he loves and we have that in the front room before bed. He also helped me throw all his bottles in the bin which I made a big thing about cheering him etc and then he got to pick a small treat form the shop, I think it has helped that he understands better now so fingers crossed it’s been a success!

Wow that is amazing, well done! I’ll definitely be using the special cup, bottles in the bin and treat from shop tips. Hopefully this weekend. Thanks so much for your response x

@Lucy thank you! I won’t lie the first two nights were hard and I just wanted to revert back to the bottle but because I binned them I couldn’t so helped me stay strong 😂. Good luck I hope it goes well x

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