Cervical Stitch Success Stories??x

Awaiting my surgery next week, really nervous of everything. May some of you lovely girlies help me out, id love to hear your experiences.. x
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Hi Aaliyah, it’s not personal experience but felt strongly about sharing my good friends success of one. She had a very long and sad journey but now has a 1 year old. She had the stitch early in that pregnancy. Everything crossed for you xx

I was consultant led and under the pre-term prevention clinic due to being high risk of premature birth. I didn't have the cervical stitch in the end but was on progesterone pessaries until 34 weeks to try to prevent early labour. It was a really scary time, I hope everything goes well next week for you xx

Thank you both girlies. I have nobody around me who has experienced it so thought id come to here, thank you for your kind words. Im nervous for sure but very thankful for the procedure. Fingers crossed! X

Honestly the doctors are the experts and they will have dealt with this countless times before so you and baby will be in good hands. It's horrible having to deal with the added stress on top of pregnancy in general so make sure you take care of yourself and reach out if you need to! To offer some reassurance to you, my baby boy was born nearly a month ago completely healthy, despite being told from 5 weeks pregnant that we were at high risk of MC and pre-term labour so I'm thankful we had the medications and extra scans/appointments 💙

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